To truly leverage the potential of data, organisations must find methods to literally push pertinent data on the desk of the business decision makers. The first step towards this dissemination of data is to enable customisation. But what exactly does this have to do with time travel?


Customising access to data means digging up the data available within the System and freeing it from its technical bonds by representing it under a brand new vision articulated according to the needs of the moment. This action will allow the organisation to first comprehend, then exploit. The Past here is the database itself. Created a long time ago or even recently, databases are awkward to change and they serve to gather information that has already happenned. The Present is you, the professional who has to act on data to answer a question.


But if you’ve seen any movies about time-travel, you know that the past is only the start of any journey through time. Sooner or later, every time traveller has to set his sight towards the future ! In the case of data exploration, the future is of course the expected results an organisation awaits after having implemented changes.