Belgian national TV channel VRT NWS* has conducted a survey with Belgian companies, stores and institutions in order to check if they comply with the data subject’s right of access as well as to check the legitimacy of the personal data processing. 83% of the organisations responded, however only 7% of the answers where compliant with the law. Shockingly, 10% never replied.

The survey also showed that 10% of the companies did not respond to the request within 30 days and had to be contacted a second time. When it came to explaining the purpose of the processing of personal data, most answered that it was mostly for marketing needs, without further explanation.

This is rather disappointing news for consumers, some 8 months after the General Data Protection Regulation was launched.

Many Belgian companies fail to acknowledge the importance of taking GDPR compliance seriously. Can Belgian companies really afford to lose their customers’ trust, reputational loss or get massive fines from the Data Protection Authority ?

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