Rever Data Engineers introduces a powerful personal data mapping and processing solution, offering a comprehensive view and automated tools to the Data Protection Officer. The software’s global information governance capabilities stretch well beyond the scope of the GDPR.

Full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implies having a comprehensive view of data. However, on average organisations only know 15 % of their data, notes Stéphane Goethals, General Manager of Rever. The vast amount of 85 % “lost” information includes valuable data to re-evaluate and monitor because of their sensitivity, or to destroy due to their expiration. The first challenge is thus to identify and master the totality of an organisation’s data.

Rever’s DataSemantics is meeting that challenge. This innovative software suite enables companies to deploy GDPR compliance whilst driving data governance on a global scale.

100% of the information is mapped

In a reverse engineering logic, DataSemantics explores the information system on every level and in all its ramifications: databases, metadata, application layers, links between data and their applications, etc. It provides a complete map of the existing information environment covering 100 % of the data. This “data cartography” is made accessible to Data Protection Officers (DPOs) through a GDPR plug-in, allowing them to master the data and protect their organisation according to a personalised set of rules.

Filters automatically highlight personal or sensitive data. By focussing on the non-compliant elements, the link between the technical data and the legal reality is made. The “data map” is permanently updated, offering a quasi real time view of the information systems.

The same applies to the management of access rights or consents as well as to anonymisation or pseudo-anonymisation operations. All information is archived, not only the successive versions of a document, for instance, but also the status of the information system and its applications at given moments in time.

Analytics and decision-making

Beyond the scope of the GDPR, DataSemantics is a powerful solution to optimise the governance of all the data of an organisation: deleting useless information means lowering storage costs, moving from an obsolete to an optimised environment is creating more profit and a 360° view is supporting in-depth analytics and improving decision-making. All in all, DataSemantics covers a large scope of business needs and turns data mapping into profit.

DataSemantics is a web-based platform available on a subscription basis. The installation in the user’s environment is totally secure and the automated setup takes less than a day. The default legal plug-in is Adequacy (SaaS) developed by our partner Infothep and APIs are available for interoperability with any other legal solution.

Based on an article published in the French magazine Archimag issue #324 (May 2019)