release notes

Version 11.0.1 [December 21, 2018]

Stable version 11.0.1 is a consolidation of version 11.0.0.


Interface: Ability to copy the license number into the “About” dialog box.

Bugs fixed:

License: Fixed bug when validating some license numbers.

Repository: Incorrect processing of the character (‘\0’) in LUN files.

Repository: Incorrect processing of descriptions with accented characters in LUN files.

Repository: Fixed loading of meta-property values in LUN files.

Generator: Under Windows, in the generated text files, line breaks are in Linux format (‘\n’ instead of ‘\r\n’).

Interface: Fixed bug on renaming generalization links in use case diagrams.

Interface: Fixed bug displaying the name of “extend” and “include” links in use case diagrams.

Interface: Fixed bug on renaming objects with the character “|”.

Interface: Fixed bug on displaying the license validity date in the “About” dialog box.

Version 11.0.0 [September 26, 2018]

Stable version 11.0.0 is a consolidation of version 10.0.3.


Interface: display of the “User prop” tab when a project is selected.

Bugs fixed:

Interface : Fixed bug when a multi-valued/compound attribute and its sub-attributes are selected.

Interface : Fixed bug when the first sub-attribute of a compound attribute is moved with the command <alt> + <down arrow>

Interface : Fixed bug in the “User domain” dialog box when an attribute of a compound attribute is moved (buttons “Move up” or “Move down”).

Interface : Fixed drag&drop of a file without extension in a LUN project.

Extractor: When an extracted SQL file contains a “CREATE VIEW” instruction and the option “DDL Extractor/(SQL) Views and tables are in the same schema” is checked in configuration, two instances of the same schema are created.

Interface : In the result window of “Schema analysis” menu, when a line is too long (for example, a group with a lot of components), the window is larger than the screen.

Interface : In the graphical view, the size of graphical boxes (of entity types and rel-types) is too big with groups containing a lot of components.

Interface : When a project is open in read only mode (because it’s already opened by another user), there is no warning message during save operation.

Interface : If an origin group of a constraint is selected, the “Constraint” field of the property box is trunked, the type and name of the target entity type are not displayed.

Repository: Wrong management of negative numbers in numerical meta-properties.

Interface : The “search” fonction (menu Assist/Text analysis/Search…) crashes DB-MAIN if the schema contains characters (like Chinese or Arabic characters) needing more than two bytes to be encoded in UTF-8.

Version 10.0.3 [August 24, 2017]

Version 10.0.3 is a consolidation of version 10.0.2.

Bugs fixed:

Generator: Fixed crash when generating SQL on Windows (File/Generate menu).

Log: Fixed replay function on groups.

Interface: Fixed crash when selecting several attributes (some of which are multivalued) in a graphical or textual view of schema.

Version 10.0.2 [June 19, 2017]

Version 10.0.2 is a consolidation of version 10.0.1.

Bugs fixed:

Assistant: Correction of pattern search for an activity diagram in schema analysis wizard.

Assistant: Correction of meta-property of character type search in schema analysis wizard.

Assistant: Increase list size in schema analysis wizard.

Configuration: Problem to create directory containing configuration file under Windows.

Extractor: Improvement of SQL extractor for DB2 Z/OS.

Interface: In group creation function, ability to choose the parent when there are several.

Interface: Correction display (graphical view) of groups containing two roles.

Interface: Problem displaying dates when they were longer than 10 characters.

Interface: Suppression of error message in a graphical view of UML class diagram when creating an identifier.

Interface: When adding several text files by drag & drop to a project, the directory name was dubbed for some files.

Interface: Improvement of error message display.

Transformation: Correction of transformation of relationship type into entity type when roles are not well-formed.

Version 10.0.1 [January 14, 2017]

Version 10.0.1 is a consolidation of version 10.0.0.

Bugs fixed :

Save: Impossible to save file in directories with name containing special characters (accents, characters non ASCII, …).

Assistants: Predicates like TYPE_(NOT)ALLOWED_for_ATT, META_PROP_of_XXX, (P)ID_per_ET and CST_per_ET do not work or crash DB-MAIN.

Undo: Impossible to undo simple actions (move, create, delete or modify) under Linux.

Undo: Problem to undo assistant operations.

Version 10.0.0 [December 21, 2016]

Version 10.0.0 is available on Windows 64-bit and supports UTF-8.

New :

UTF-8 support.

Version 64-bit for Windows.

End of Voyager 2 plugins support.

Bugs fixed :

Interface: In a grahical view, several right clicks on objetcs crash under Windows.

Menu File/Print…: In a textual view, there was a problem with calculation of page number under Windows.

Menu File/Print…: In a graphical view, role background is grayed.

Menu Edit/Rollback: After a savepoint, crash under Linux.

Menu Product/Add text…: Crash in some cases with button “Cancel”.

Menu Product/View/Remove: Crash when the view to be removed is opened.

Menu Product/View/Generate: Crash during object state generation in activity diagram.

Menu Product/View/Rename: The view is not renamed for object states in activity diagram.

Menu Product/Lock/Unlock: Modifications available even if the schema is locked.

Menu New/State…: Update problem during creation of state on a existing object in activity diagram.

Menu Assist/Text analysis/Load pattern… and Search…: Problem with pattern files under Linux.

Menu Engineering/Copy schema & use primitives: The copied schema does not appear in primitive and the link between them does not exist.

Menu Engineering/Copy schema & use primitives : Menu name has “_”.

Menu Log/Add desc… et Add schema… : Recording problem with descriptions and schema in log file.

Menu View/Engineering method : View problem under Linux.

JIDBM : Class and method name problem in LoggerWrapper.

Version 9.3.0 [February 29, 2016]

Version 9.3.0 is available on Linux 64 bits and descriptions are stored in central memory.

New :

DB-MAIN is available on Linux 64 bits.

Description of objects are stored in central memory: management time improvement and deletion of errors related to temporary files.

DB-MAIN libraries (reposit, dbmfunct, jidbm and extr_…) are integrated in a unique one (dbm_core).

wxWidgets libraries are integrated in a unique one.

Extractors are available in Java interface.

License and configuration file (DB_MAIN.INI) are stored in user’s repository db_main.

Bugs fixed :

LUN file drag and drop in DB-MAIN automatically updates the list of recently opened files.

Extractors have been improved and corrected.

The global transformation assistant (menu Assist/Global transformations) has been corrected to accept the addition of generations, comments and name processing in scripts.

The printing of graphical and textual views on Linux has been corrected.

Version 9.2.0 [October 16, 2014]

Version 9.2.0 integrates wxWidgets 3.0 and manages object mappings.

New :

Integration of the lastest version 3.0 of wxWidgets.

New functions to create, delete and navigate based on mappings between objects (using the meta-property MappingOID).

In the textual views of data schemas, selecting a group display “>>” before its components and [Tab] key allows to navigate from one component to another.

In textual views of schema, CTRL+ALT+P and CTRL+ALT+N jump to the previous and next element.

Adding and uniformity (according to the standards of different operating systems) keyboard shortcuts.

Improved methods of loading projects in JIDBM.

Remove from recently opened file list those that no longer exist.

Bugs fixed :

Correction of the calcul of validity days for license.

Fixed a problem of corrupted projects when opening several projects with JIDBM and without DB-MAIN interface.

Fixed crash when calling transformations from JIDBM outside DB-MAIN.

Fixed description loading from LUN files.

The first creation of an engineering process on a schema never stops DB-MAIN.

Version 9.1.6 [March 9, 2013]

Version 9.1.6 is a consolidation of version 9.1.5 with improved performance in management of very large projects and ability to open LUN files by “drag & drop”.

New :

MappingOID initialisation for collections, roles and processing units.

Buttons to change views (View menu) are now selectable.

Opportunity to provide attribute length greater than 5 digits in the property box.

Increase hashing table of DB-MAIN repository objects to significantly increase performance on large projects.

Opening a file LUN (ISL or XML) by drag & drop is now allowed.

Verification that this is the correct Java plugin version that is executed.

Bugs fixed :

The loading progress bar works fine.

If “Log only replay information” option is checked (File/Configuration/Logging menu), the recording of transformation rel-type into foreign key no longer crashes DB-MAIN.

When loading a LUN file (“.lun”), the attribute length is no longer truncated to 5 digits.

Modification of a very long list of entity types in a collection no longer crashes DB-MAIN.

XML or ISL saving of “Library” project (opened from the About dialog) no longer crashes DB-MAIN.

Version 9.1.5 [February 23, 2012]

Version 9.1.5 is a consolidation of version 9.1.4.

Bugs fixed :

Speed-up of project explorer management on very large projects.

The transformation that removes prefix access keys does not crash DB-MAIN.

Upgrading of paths to run Java plugins on a computer with a new Windows setup (not containing the msvcr71.dll library).

When a schema is opened by project explorer or Product/Open… menu, some object creation buttons can be uselessly grayed.

Display the correct size in the font dialog box (Edit/Change font… menu).

Enlargement of 0.05 millimeters of thick lines for Windows 7.

The getFilename method of DBMProject class (in JIDBM library) returns the LUN file name when the user runs a plugin outsides DB-MAIN.

New :

If search fails, it is proposed to choose a more complete view for searching.

New methods in Mapping class of JIDBM library (findMappingRelationshipType, findMappingAttribute, initializeMapping, setMapping and getListMapping).

Version 9.1.4 [June 15, 2011]

Version 9.1.4 is a big consolidation of version 9.1.3. New features include JDBC and PL/I extractors, a complete view of schemas (with their objects) in the Project Explorer, the locking of LUN files and a Firebird generator.

Bugs fixed :

In the property box, the object name no longer goes to the line if too long (it is wrapped).

The background color of roles (and other link types) is identical to that of windows.

The JIDBM methods (copyAttribute, transformMultivaluedIntoMonovaluedAttribute, transformMonovaluedIntoMultivaluedAttribute, transformMultivaluedIntoAttributeList, convertAttribute, materializeAttribute, disaggregate, transformIntoAttribute, addTechnicalIdentifier, transformIntoMultivaluedAttribute, transformIntoAttribute and transformIntoObjectAttribute) do not return the good type for objects.

The IDS/II extractor recognizes the UNSPECIFIED type and stores more informations on sets (mode, name, …) in the DB-MAIN repository.

The role copy/paste between a textual view and a graphical view no longer crashes DB-MAIN.

The copy/paste of control flows, object flows or links between use cases no longer crashes DB-MAIN.

Improvement and correction of XML loader/unloader.

Correct ISL and XML loader to have readable descriptions.

Renew the license number is possible when the validity date is expired.

Correction of return value of transformIntoAttribute and transformIntoObjectAttribute methods in DBMRelationshipType class (JIDBM).

Creating and destroying objects are prohibited in DB-MAIN views.

The comments in files generated by the MySQL generator are followed by a space to conform to the MySQL syntax.

In the method transformIntoEntityType of DBMAttribute clas s(JIDBM), the dialog box to choose the transformation type (by instance or value) is not shown if show parameter is false.

Correction of equals method in DBMGenericObject class of JIDBM.

Correction of method executeMenu in class DBMLibrary (JIDBM) not working on Linux.

Correction of delete methods on no-terminal classes (do nothing).

Correction of methods setMetaProperty?Type?ListValue that do nothing when the value array is empty.

In the product set dialog box (Product/New set… menu), the management of elements between the two listboxes has been corrected.

Correction of IMS extractor when a same DBD is extracted twice.

New :

New Java plugin to extract relational database structures from JDBC (in plugins/jdbc directory of DB-MAIN setup directory).

The project explorer can show data and process schema components.

When a user opens a LUN file, it is locked to prevent another user from editing.

Adding new methods to the Java interface for DB-MAIN access (jidbm) and a extension library (jidbmx).

In the Java library, new methods to load/unload XML and ISL files in the DB-MAIN repository.

PL/I extractor is available (menu File/Extract/PL/I…)

Sequence attributes are managed in MySQL (auto_increment), PostgreSQL (serial or bigserial) and SQLite (integer primary key autoincrement) generators.

Adding of method hashCode on DBMGenericObject class (JIDBM).

Adding of method copySchema on DBMGenericObject class (JIDBM).

Adding of method generateSQL on DBMSchema class (JIDBM).

Adding of methods getUpdated, lockUpdated and unlockUpdated on DBMSchema class to lock the schema when it is modified.

Adding of methods is?Class? on class DBMGenericObject (JIDBM) to help determine the object type.

Adding of parameter to method transformIntoAttribute on class DBMRelationshipType to prohibit or authorize the multivalued referential attributes.

In the configuration dialog box, adding of ‘Sequence ‘ type in ‘Transformations/Technical identifier type’ to create sequential technical identifiers (auto-increment).

Adding class Transformations in JIDBMX for transforming a conceptual schema into relational schema and conversely.

The Quick SQL function (in Transform menu) keeps the relational schema from which it generates the SQL script creation.

Replacement of SQL InterBase generator by SQL Firebird generator.

In the product set creation dialog box (Products/New set… menu), multiple selection is managed in listboxes and names are prefixed by their type (S for schema and T for text).

Systematic creation of physLen and physType user-defined properties on atomic attributes in all projects.

The search function (menu [Assist/Text analysis/Search…]) works on short names.

Version 9.1.3 [Linux – November 23, 2010]

Version 9.1.3 is the first stable linux version, a big consolidation of beta version 9.b1. The version number has been ajusted to fit the Window version number.

Bugs fixed :

The choice in a list box of property box is not saved after modification confirmation.

Under special conditions, resizing property box loops when a product is selected in the project window.

Integration of import/export functions (menu [File/Import] and [File/Export]) in DB-MAIN.

Menu [Product/copy product…] in a project window does not crash anymore DB-MAIN.

The unexisting text file opening in a project window does not crash anymore DB-MAIN.

The LUN file name does not appear in the title of the main window.

When the function “Second window” (menu [View/Second window]) is used, the window type update does not work on the master window.

The keyboard use (delete, move, …) does not work in the current window when the selected object is showed in the property box.

The accelerators (CTRL+arrows, ALT+arrows, …) do not work in the current window.

PostgreSQL generation (menu [File/Generate/PostgreSQL…]) does not crash anymore DB-MAIN.

Correction of print function (menu [File/Print…]) to keep size and print texts of graphics.

New :

The “Copy Graphic” function (menu [Edit/Copy graphic]) is implemented. If the clipboard does not accept bitmap format, the image is saved in a BMP or JPG file.

Text file drag and drop functionality (into a project window) is implemented.

Version 9.1.3 [Windows – November 9, 2010]

Version 9.1.3 is a consolidation of version 9.1.2.

Bugs fixed :

The global transformation “Technical description – remove – (un)mark” (menu [Assist / Global Transformation …]) also handles collections.

The presence (or absence) of toolbars is saved correctly in the file db_main.ini.

In the constraint dialog box, the selected group is not always that defined by the constraint (if it already exists).

Changing the name of a “action state” or “object state” in the property box does not change systematically the type of their “object flows” (output).

When loading a LUN file, the order of product (schemas or text) creation is kept.

Concept definitions are visible in the “First Steps” (menu [Help/First steps]).

Correction of example of Java plug-ins call from schema analysis in help (Menu [Help], “Assistants – Schema analysis – Using plug-in constraints” section).

In IMS extractor, correction of LCHILD “PAIR” extraction.

Correction of IDS/II sub-schema extraction in COBOL extractor.

Changing a textual view into a graphical one automatically sets the selected item in the middle of the window.

The tab key on a textual view sets all objects in the center of the window. It worked only for entity types and relationship types.

Double click on a schema in a project window does not crash anymore DB-MAIN.

Generation of comments for tables and columns in the MySQL generator (menu [File/Generate/MySQL]).

When running Java plug-in, some libraries are not taken into account if the contents of .jidbmclasspath file is greater than 260 characters.

The methods getMetaPropertyValue, getMetaPropertyListValue, setMetaPropertyValue and setMetaPropertyListValue of Java interface for DB-MAIN are now case insensitive regarding the meta-property name.

The methods CreateSchema, CreateText and createProductSet of Java interface do not crash anymore DB-MAIN when trying to create an object with a existing name.

Rename the method in transformMultivaluedRoleIntoRelationshipType into transformRoleIntoRelationshipType in the DBMLibrary class of the Java interface for DB-MAIN.

When copying a schema, the order of entity types in collections is kept.

Fixed the hyperlink in the dialog box to update the license number.

New :

New primitive transformations in advanced global transformation assistant: CONCATENATE (transformation of multivalued attribute into single-valued attribute) and CONVERT (conversion of collection type of multivalued attribute).

Added buttons in the standard toolbar for textual views (compact, extended and sorted) and graphical views (compact and dependency).

Adding a button “Second window” (menu [View/Second window]) in the standard toolbar.

A schema created with an extractor is shown directly in the extended textual view (instead of standard graphical view).

The COBOL extractor accepts subschema IDS/II statements.

In IMS extractor, when LCHILD are extracted and the logical parent is not yet created (forward reference), the logical parent is created.

When using the menu [View/Second window], the frame is divided in half to show both windows simultaneously. The type of the second window is selected depending on the type of the master window.

The name of LUN file is placed in the headers of SQL statement files generated from the menu [File/Generate].

The name of opened LUN file is accessible in the Java interface to DB-MAIN.

Ability to start DB-MAIN in command line with parameters -pXXX -s[yn] in order to debug Java plugins launched from DB-MAIN.

Version 9.b1 [Linux – July 15, 2010]

Version 9.b1 is a consolidation of version 9.b0.

Bugs fixed :

The log recordings have incorrect names for modifications and transformations.

The Voyager console and the result window of schema analysis assistant can be closed.

The characters “_” in the titles of contextual menus have disappeared.

The object state creation in activity diagrams do not crash DB-MAIN.

Schema printing no longer crashes DB-MAIN.

New :

The COBOL extractor has been ported to Linux (only available for professional use).

The temporary files (created when loading a LUN file) are stored in the directory /tmp.

Version 9.1.2 [Windows – July 13, 2010]

Version 9.1.2 is a consolidation of version 9.1.1 with new SQLite generator functionality.

Bugs fixed :

The ongoing changes in the property box are saved when running a plugin in a user toolbar.

When closing result window of schema analysis assistant, the application retrieves the focus.

Deleting an object in a textual view refreshes the property box.

The object edited in the property box is saved if it is selected again.

The creation of a first attribute (button “First attribute” in property box) for a simple attribute proposes a new name instead of the father’s name.

When changing window (for schemas, texts or project), the property box is automatically refreshed according to the selected object in the current window.

Closing a text window for which a description has been added on the first line does not crash DB-MAIN.

Color update in the configuration dialog box (menu File/Configuration…/Method and View settings) does not crash DB-MAIN.

In activity and use case diagrams, the creation buttons remain pressed until you have left the creation mode.

The sections for menus and toolbars users in the db_main.ini file are no longer duplicated.

The MySQL generator skip instructions “COMMENT ON …” not recognized by MySQL.

The Java interface for DB-MAIN correctly manages accented letters.

The function MessageBox correctly displays messages in Voyager 2 pluins.

In the SQL extractor, the line numbers are no longer offset in the error messages.

The SQL extractor accepts the standard type double with one or two parameters (eg. DOUBLE (5,1)).

In the IDS/II extractor, the extraction of “KEY” sets without declaration “DUPLICATE” no longer generates an identifier.

The extractor handles COBOL redefines defined on the first line of COBOL declarations.

New :

When plugins are missed in user toolbars or menus displays, an error message is displayed.

The SQL extractor takes into account schema name in creation requests (CREATE TABLE and CREATE VIEW). The name of the created object becomes object_name”|”schema_name.

In the SQL extractor, the user property “codeDecode” has been added to store the statements “ALWAYS CALL FOR ENCODING DECODING …”.

DB-Main has a SQL DDL generator for SQLite.

In activity diagrams, to select an object in property box of an object flow, the object names with their states are proposed (to distinguish objects that have different states in the same schema).

The help has been translated in HTB format to be compliant with Windows and Linux platforms.

Version 9.b0 [Linux – April 16, 2010]

First beta version of DB-MAIN on Linux.

Version 9.1.1 [Windows – February 26, 2010]

Version 9.1.1 is a consolidation of version 9.1.0 with new functionalities in Interface (contextual menu, improvements of project explorer and property box edition).

Bugs fixed :

The COBOL extractor does no invert more elements of a “redefine” group.

In the graphical setting dialog box, the checkbox “[New schema] and [Add text] processes” is not taken into account when validating.

In the property box, change the case of product version is not considered as a modification.

In the meta-property dialog box, we can not enter a particular type.

In the meta-property dialog box, correction of synchronisation between pre-defined values and semantic description.

DB-MAIN does not crash when you mark a note in a project.

The message in the status bar for the menu entry “Edit/Goto” is no more the concatenation of two messages.

Fixed SQL extractor to parse more MySQL types.

Fixed refresh in a text window when using the horizontal scroll bar.

The choice of line thickness in the configuration dialog box is now taken into account by the “Copy graphic” menu.

Extraction of SQL “create view” in the same schema that tables no longer duplicates the instance of the schema in the project window.

Add an ‘s’ to the entry “User-defined menu” of the configuration box dialog.

In a text, the “Copy” in the clipboard no longer crashes when it is the last line.

Fixed import ISL when the values of meta-properties were too large (greater than 255 characters).

If text is empty, it no longer displays the message “Can not open file”. Click on the first line no longer crashes DB-MAIN.

In the configuration dialog box, the small box in the upper left corner disappeared.

Creating an object using the buttons on the Properties box when the current object is not valid no longer crashes DB-MAIN.

Changing a stereotype of a role in a UML class diagram applied to the wrong role.

The technical descriptions of a product (in project view) are saved.

Remove the ‘checkable’ characteristic on menu “Edit/Select marked” and “View/Move window” that displays or not the icon menu.

New :

Right click on selected objects displays a contextual menu (available in all views).

The selection is done incrementally with the Control button in the graphical views to better meet generally accepted standards.

In the box configuration, ability to give specific values for the line thickness used by the menu “Copy Graphic.

SQL Extractor extracts schemas in collections of type “SQLSchema”.

SQL extractor extracts specific (not DB-MAIN) SQL type in the user property “physType” (with parameters %l and %d).

IDS/II extractor correctly parses the key components, creates order components for “calc key” and does not create the record “SYSTEM”.

SQL Generators use the user property “physType” (with the parameters% s and% d).

The project explorer sorts its items alphabetically by type (beginning by data schemas, processing schemas, texts, product sets and engineering processes).

The project explorer displays product sets.

Synchronization between selection of the project explorer and its graphical view.

Creating an object automatically edits the first editable field of properties box.

Version 9.1.0 [Windows – December 12, 2009]

Version 9.1.0 is a consolidation of version 9.0.1 with new functionalities in Java Interface for DB-MAIN (JIDBM).

Bugs fixed :

Graphical copy does not truncate more drawings pasted into presentation software.

Correction of IS-A relation (with disjoint or total constraint) transformation into relationship types.

Correction of object destruction in compact textual view.

DEL button erases a note.

Correction of change type between compound and atomic attribute in property box.

Correction of attribute creation via buttons in property box.

Taking into account the zoom and reduce factor in the graphical setting box.

Improving screen management.

Correction of refresh problem in user toolbars.

Possibility to create attribut group with buttons GR and ID if selected objects belong to compound multivalued attribute.

Modification of MySQL generator to solve comment problems with “–“.

Correction of user property transfert in transformation of group into multivalued attribute.

Correction of attribute domain management in property box.

Correction of relationship type transformation into attribute when reference group contains compound attribute.

Correction of markplan refresh.

Display of right constraint in the constraint dialog box.

Correction of structure extraction that does not create a schema.

New :

Double-click action on an object set the cursor on the first editable field in the property box.

Rename package jidbm into com.dbmain.jidbm.
Do not forget to update “import” in Java plugins.

Add methods to access DB-MAIN transformations (transform…).

Add DBMAttributeOwner and DBMProcessingUnitOwner interfaces.

Add methods to copy objects (copy…).

Add methods to create unique objects (createUnique…).

Redefinition of “equals” function on DBMGenericObject class (object comparison on object identifiers).

Error message when license file cannot be created due to write permission problems to the DB-MAIN setup directory (especially in Windows Vista and 7).

Version 9.0.1 [Windows – July 6, 2009]

Version 9.0.1 is a consolidation of version 9.0.

Bugs fixed :

User-defined toolbars: Java plug-ins added to a toolbar with the configuration dialog box do not work without DB-MAIN restart.

Views: view generation opens a second window if the view window is already opened.

Methodology: contextual menu “properties” on methodology objects does not work.

Global transformation assistant: the second run of a script with “Name processing” or “Comment” rules crashes DB-MAIN.

Graphical views: the move of selected objects is very slow when the mouse is outside the window.

Print: the printing of several pages prints many times the first page.

Text search: the search on state, object flow and control flow names does not work.

Graphical and textual views: the attributes and groups cannot be moved in their parent with “Ctrl-Alt-down(up) arrow” key event.

Property box: if a field is edited in property box, the focus on current window is not complete (arrow keys do not move selected objets).

Text files: the font cannot be changed in a text window.

Property box: the project name cannot be changed in the property box without crash.

Property box: refreshing problem in the “User prop” panel on an object without user-defined property.

JIDBM: Java plug-ins cannot be executed if DB-MAIN is launched from a DOS console.

ODBC extraction: problem with Microsoft SQL Server data structure extraction.

New :

License: The license number can be changed in the About dialog box.

Main window: the opened LUN file name appears in the title of DB-MAIN main window.

Attribute: a simple attribute can become a compound attribute and conversely (only if compound attribute has no child).

Dialog boxes: “Ok” buttons are default buttons like in version 8.

Version 9.0 [Windows – February 6, 2009]

The version 9.0 has a new interface developed with the graphical library wxWidgets. It is a consolidation of version 8.2. The main changes are :

New efficient and ergonomic interface :

New window management based on notebook interface more modern than the old multiple document interface (MDI).

New window “Project explorer” to manage easily products and processes of the current project.

New generic property box to manage object properties.

New simplified dialog box for transformations.

Improvements of Java library (JIDBM) :

Correction of createSchema, createText and createProductSet methods in the DBMProject class.

Correction of accented characters management in the names of objects and descriptions.

The creators return a NULL pointer if the created object already exists.

Improvements of extractors (SQL, IDS, IMS and COBOL).

Correction of MySQL generator: systematic generation of identifier columns referenced in the foreign key declaration.

And many others corrections and bug fixes.