The other day I was at my mechanic’s shop for the annual inspection of my vehicle.

This is one of those small garages you can still find in towns, with his owner in blue overalls, friendly and yet a bit gruff.

His shop works great. He has two assistants who are hard workers like him and always smiling. You can see that everything here runs smoothly, without stress. The garage is clean and organized, and from experience I know that his customers are delighted with his services.

So I asked him what was the secret of his success.

He turns to me with a mischievous look and replies with no fuss : « To foresee is to govern ».

All is said.

Every day in my job, I meet CIOs and CEOs of very large groups.

They are people of very high level, experienced and competent, concerned about the future of their companies.

And yet I wonder every time when it comes to the topic of data and databases management in their enterprise, with the inevitable question I ask themp : « And how is it going for you ? ».

Most times I get an awkward silence for an answer, the bravest of them daring a « Yes, it could be better », the most honest of them confessing to be in an almost unmanageable situation.

I’m appalled every time to see how the main asset of a company – its data –  is treated as a poor sibling. Many companies do not know how their databases are built or even where they are. As for who manages them, that is a question better not asked…

Yet all express the wish to use Business Intelligence, datalakes, IoT

But how?

And the new European Regulation on Data Protection puts even more pressure on the urgency to address this situation.

However there is a way out of this dead end, while enhancing your corporate data at the same time : the first step is to start from the existing reality, to understand the data, where they are, how they are structured and interact.

For this purpose, Rever Data Engineers offers several proven and effective tools.

Then we’ll talk of a model to implement and of governance. Again the expertise of our team will make the difference, because the objective of Rever Data Engineers is primarily to help organisations master and enhance their data in order to predict the future.

Let us end on a proper quote, « Induction for deduction, with a view to construction. ». (Auguste Comte)

This is exactly the mechanism that we are putting forward with our tools : we allow your organization to decode the past and understand the present to better prepare for the future. Indeed, the starting point of an intelligent information management is the “disentanglement” of your information systems. From there, our specialists will be able to accompany you on the spot in order to achieve the unavoidable objective: the governance of your information.

The same way my mechanic quickly won the trust of his customers, at Rever Data Engineers we are committed to show you the highest quality of advice and service available.