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Speed up, Simplify and Leverage GDPR Compliance Projects

Rever offers a complete GDPR software suite enabling you to meet the challenge of personal data identification, monitoring and protection.

The true challenge presented by GDPR lies in data identification. According to recent research, enterprises only master 15% of their data. This percentage is largely insufficient to respond to the requirements imposed by the European regulation.

With our unique reverse engineering technology, the data mapping process is automated and up to 100% of your organisations’ data is identified. Through this objective and intelligent data mapping, you’ll be able to taking back control of all your organisation’s information assets, making them available to all systems.

Our solution puts a stop to the tedious manual work required to formalise the registry, with an implementation time up to 80% shorter and a cost reduction of 60% compared to the common method centred on long-term audits involving all departments of an organisation.

DataSemantics Suite enables you to :

  1. Identify, liberate and use all of your data
  2. Manage compliance at the legal, organizsational and technical levels
  3. Drastically limit manual interventions and boost productivity
  4. Standardise your processes
  5. Maintain continuous compliance
  6. Accelerate your governance projects and leverage your GDPR investment
  7. Create and maintain digital trust

A complete software suite

DataSemantics Suite allows you to deploy GDPR-compliance on 3 distinct levels – legal, technical and organisational – and consequently supports all stakeholders in your organisation.

Several modules enable you to meet the following key points :

  • The exercise of data subject rights (individual register)
  • Data and technical processing inventory
  • Register of data breaches
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Compliance task management and follow-up
  • DPO activity reports and self-evaluations
  • Data anonymisation/pseudo-anonymisation
  • Content audit
  • « Privacy by (re)design »
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Data mapping : databases, tables and sensitive data

Automated in-depth mapping

  • Automatic identification of relevant data (based on a predefined dictionary)
  • Intuitive navigation : snapshot in clickable bubbles
  • In-depth analyses and exploration, down to the data level

Database exploration

  • Bubble display of databases across all applications and servers
  • In-depth view of the tables
  • Data sensitivity rendering in colour (the darkest table contains the most sensitive data)

Data mapping : clusters & filters

Cluster documentation

Clusters, or tables sharing common data, are automatically identified and visualised, allowing you to anticipate the risks related to potential processing operations (migration, anonymisation…)

Applying filters

By using filters, you can refine your search and discover where a certain type of data is located. Filters are created using predefined rules in a dictionary.

Extraction of the individual register, intelligent analyses and reports

Extracting the individual register

The “advanced search” feature allows you to identify a person’s personal data across all tables. After validating the results of your query, you can extract the information to generate the individual register.

Analysis reports

The launch of automated analyses tells you where a data type/concept is located, for example : “email address”.

A list with the exact locations (database, table and column) is generated. By validating the results by table, these data can be made accessible to information systems.

Sorting the results

You can sort the results in a user-defined order, notably on the basis of the information quality of every table.

For instance, when applying Rule2 (R2), a percentage denotes the information quality per table and the accuracy of the data in different fields.

Properties drill-down

By drilling down on “details”, you get direct access to the data properties.

Managing legal compliance and DPO activities

Simplify and monitor the tasks of your DPO

Adequacy, a personal data protection management solution developed by our partner Infhotep, is integrated via a bidirectional API into our software suite. This tool enables you to simplify the implementation of all legal aspects of compliance and to steer the activities of your DPO.

Manage and maintain all legal aspects of compliance

This multilingual collaborative platform ensures compliance with all legal obligations of GDPR over time:

  • Records of Processing Activities
  • The exercise of data subject rights
  • Register of data breaches
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Task management and follow-up
  • Media library
  • DPO Activity Report
  • Self-evaluation

Exploring the dictionary

Each dictionary is composed of concepts, each made up of a set of predefined or customisable rules.

By applying the rules, the relevant columns are automatically identified (see above).

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DataSemantics Suite allows you to deploy GDPR-compliance on 3 distinct levels – legal, technical and organisational – and consequently supports all stakeholders in your organisation.

In this demo we will be presenting you our automated and intelligent tools enabling you to:

  • Identify and truly liberate all of your data
  • Manage compliance at the legal, organisational and technical levels
  • Drastically limit manual interventions and boost productivity
  • Standardise your processes
  • Maintain continuous compliance
  • Accelerate your governance projects
  • Create and maintain digital trust

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