Behind the interface design of the DataSemantics Suite software, Fabian is also the mastermind behind version 3.0 of the Rever website you are now visiting. Let’s meet him and discuss his work experience.

How did you get to work for Rever and what’s your professional background as UX/UI designer?

Fabian : At a very young age, I fell in love with multimedia in all its forms. Whether it be in the music, movie, photography, 3-D animation or web domains, I always was curious to learn and master different production channels. I started in the audiovisual domain during my school years and I then progressively moved to the web for which I developed many skills while working on different projects as a professional. Until one day Rever’s management heard of me and that’s how our collaboration started.

Which skills are necessary to become a UX/UI designer ? Which abilities do you need to be trained in ?

Fabian : Up until recently, everybody thought they needed a webmaster, but the web has evolved so much these past few years that it doesn’t really mean anything anymore. Some people will specialise in back end development while others (like myself) will tend towards design and front end integration. In my experience I don’t think the skills of a UX/UI designer are enough, even if it’s impossible to master every set of skills, it’s important to keep an eye on other crafts, it allows you to anticipate on future constraints and above all allows you to adapt your work in order to unload the rest of the team’s tasks by using a smart and meticulous working plan. Mainly I think a UX/UI designer’s skills are his/her ability to anticipate the needs of the users and to find elegant and efficient solutions to every problem encountered. You also need to be able to align the contents with the perfect page layout. It’s not just about styling, you must take extra care of the website’s usability and that means you need to keep learning and evolving.

You not only design the interfaces for DataSemantics Suite, you also worked on Rever’s new brand identity (new website, visual guideline). Can you tell us more about the way you met this challenge ?

Fabian : Well I first insisted on being present from the start of the project, in my opinion the pre-production phase is the most important one. That’s when you plan an efficient communication strategy and prepare the different elements that will form the future website and the various campaigns that will follow. I must admit it was a real challenge for me. But in the end the web was weaved and we can now all be proud of the new website that will hopefully lead to new innovative projects.

Did you have to acquire new skills to work on the interface design of DataSemantics Suite ? What did it bring to you on a personal level ?

Fabian : The beauty of my line of work is that you’re not stuck to routine work. Each individual project allows you to learn new skills, to better handle the various challenges that pave your way. Working on DataSemantics Suite allowed me to tackle an all-new type of project, I was used to developing websites of all kinds but I now needed to travel to unknown territories as far as I was concerned. That meant to understand the issues, the challenges and the needs behind the project and every action behind it in order to deliver a neat, structured, efficient and easy-to-use interface. It came with many considerations and questions because it was essential to me that we deliver better usability to our clients as well as highlight the incredible possibilities that our team managed to come up with.

How do you think your profession will evolve ?

Fabian : I’d like to keep improving in my line of work. Follow the trends and test new things in order to offer an up-to-date and bold look to our upcoming tools. I’d also like to bring my expertise to the development stage of these tools so that they are directly adapted to the clients’ needs. I hope DataSemantics Suite gets a lot of user feedback, this will help us with the analysing of what our upcoming tools could bring.

Thanks a lot Fabian for taking the time to sit with us. We are all looking forward to what you have in store for Rever !