Rever Data Engineers and Infhotep have joined forces to design an innovative and high-performance solution for GDPR compliance, which is to be released today.

This new compliance software Suite software suite was developed to meeting the DPO’s needs and to guide organisations towards best practices for the global deployment of compliance on legal, technical and business levels.

Rever Data Engineers’ automated intelligent data mapping technology identifies objectively 100% of the clients’ information assets. The unique reverse engineering methodology results in a significant increase in productivity and a cost reduction of 60% compared to the common method centred on long-term audits involving all departments of an organisation.

“Our software is allowing DPO’s to automatically identify all personal data. It puts a stop to the tedious manual work required to formalise the registry, with an implementation time up to 80% shorter than the traditional methodology”, explains Stéphane Goethals, CEO of Rever. “With this partnership we add the GDPR expertise of Infhotep and the strengths of Adequacy, their personal data management solution, to our powerful technology.”

“The reason for this partnership is simple, compliance is complex and time-consuming,” explains Christian des Lauriers, CEO of Infhotep. “Our objective has always been to help our customers reconcile regulatory requirements with business challenges; thanks to Rever’s know-how, we are going even further by accelerating the compliance processes”.

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