Data Protection, Regulatory Compliance & GDPR

Protect your data and boost digital trust

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Protect your data, boost digital trust

Digital trust is what separates winners from losers in the IT world. Rever Data Engineers’ technology enables you to improve customer experience and increase digital trust by breaking down information silos.

Rever provides you with a robust, efficient and flexible anonymisation solution. It allows to automatically detect sensitive data, create a data set and define your anonymisation rules according to your needs, while ensuring data consistency in your databases.

Deploy GDPR compliance, drive global governance

Rever offers a complete GDPR & regulatory compliance suite enabling you to meet the challenge of personal data identification, monitoring and protection. DataSemantics Suite allows you to Automate and Industrialise processes, to drastically limit manual processing and to maintain continuous compliance.

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Everything you need for personal data protection

  1. Identification

    Identify personal & sensitive data that might lead to the identification of a data subject.

  2. Extraction

    Browse & select only the useful data from production databases.

  3. Protection

    Protect confidential data against deliberate or involuntary leaks towards non-authorised environments.

  4. Anonymisation

    Define customised anonymization rules and combine these rules with specific data.

  5. Pseudo-anonymisation

    Replace the actual values of sensitive data with artificial data.

  6. Consistency

    Guarantee data consistency for masked data as well as for protected data.

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