Rever Data Engineers specialises in database engineering and reverse engineering. It is by far the only company in the market able to map up to 100% of business data, hence helping them to manage, optimise and protect their information assets. Rever enables business leaders to unlock the full potential of their business data, supporting the legal, IT and business teams. In addition, data mapping automation significantly increases productivity. On average, the software replaces 80% of manual work, which translates into cost reductions of 60%. Eventually, the Belgian scale-up aims to become the European market leader in the field of data project acceleration.

Research by Veritas Technologies has shown that 52% of the data that companies store and process is ‘dark’. Their value is not known. To this should be added another 33% of data that is redundant, obsolete or trivial. This means that only 15% of the available data is effectively used and considered to be business-critical. Rever Data Engineers has therefore developed intelligent reverse engineering technology enabling companies to identify as much as 100% of their data and to unlock the full potential of their business information.

To the source

« The digital world is evolving and changing at a fast pace, » says Stéphane Goethals, CEO of Rever Data Engineers. « In order to remain relevant, fast decision-making is crucial for companies. This requires excellence in data mastering. Many competitors use business intelligence & analytics tools for data mapping projects, but these solutions rarely unlock the business data up to the source level. However, this is essential to ensuring a smooth data flow. Our technology works on a micro and macro level and automatically maps all the data in all systems, making it possible to exploring them down to the level of the concrete data. A unique solution. »

Connecting legacy and digital

In a classic system modernisation process, a new system is built and the data are transferred overnight or in the weekend. That is if the migration is green lighted. Legacy systems are the backbone of organisations and very few companies fear this ‘big bang’. Rever Data Engineers’ technology mitigates the risks inherent to this classic process by offering a radically different methodology.  First, the existing data environment is mapped exhaustively. Next, a modelling tool is used to build the new system environment. Lastly, the Rever software automatically generates the connections between the old and new environment, ensuring that both legacy as digital systems can access all the data. The data are disconnected from the systems and can then be transferred one by one.

GDPR compliance

Rever Data Engineers’ data project acceleration solution enables companies to support their IT, legal and operational teams. The powerful data mapping software is the perfect tool for legal teams to quickly comply with regulations such as GDPR. All data, including information about data subjects, are identified and mastered. Stéphane Goethals: « We integrate all the resources needed to face the data challenges of today and tomorrow. By doing so, we facilitate the digital trust, essential to modern-day entrepreneurship. »

Increased efficiency

The transition to a new data environment, on the other hand, allows IT teams to accelerate the modernisation of old systems and speed up transformation and data migration projects. In addition, the automation of data mapping significantly increases productivity. On average, Rever Data Engineers’ software replaces 80% of manual work, which translates into cost savings of around 60%. Because all teams can use one integrated solution, it becomes easier to work together and share data.

The optimisation of the data management at the operational level offers benefits at the strategic level. Increased productivity and a thorough and real-time overview of the data speed up the decision-making process and guarantee return on investment. In this way, Rever Data Engineers’ technology leads to a gain of competitive edge and a rapid but sustainable business growth.

European market leader

While most competitors have a vertical focus, Rever focuses on a variety of industies, from banking and insurance, through public services to the automotive and aviation industries. Organisations such as The Belgian Federal Service of Finance, Eurocopter and Inasep are part of the client portfolio. In the long run, Rever Data Engineers aims to become the European market leader in the field of data project acceleration with its reverse engineering technology.