The world of data is at a cross-road. On one hand of the spectrum, several big industries such as finance or healthcare are broadening their traditional ways of using data.

And « data » is the buzz word of 2014 in human resources with companies increasingly looking for data miners, data analysts, data engineers and so on. But on the other hand, organisations globally are still on the fences about investing in data and many countries lack basic training in data management.


The problem here is the gap between theory and practice or if your prefer between technology-level and mentality. Organisations are quite simply insecure in their internal capacity to properly manage data. And the overall feeling is a feeling of under-exploitation because the right profile isn’t available.

But what is this profile that eludes the professional world ? What are these skills that are so hard to find? Of course, computing knowledge is important. But so is business acumen. And recently a new skill has risen in demand to become even more important : CREATIVITY!


So, the data scientist is an artist now? Well yes actually. And that is because we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what can be achieved with data. And within this context of vast potential, similar to that of a R&D department, one must enjoy challenging conditions and revel in situations that seems to have no solutions. Because if you are creative, you will not accept a status-quo and when presented with a stop sign, you will find a way to go around it.