You think your organization does all the right things when it comes to data management and your 50+ databases are well documented according to your DBA (DataBase Administrator). So why worry ?

Well, a DBA is indeed more than able to handle the technical issues of data storage, access and security, but what about the actual usage your organization makes of the data ?

  • Can your marketing team rely on accurate information about your clients at all times ?
  • Can your sales team successfully turn to analytics to improve benefits ?
  • Can you avoid duplicate mailings and other unnecessary costs ? 

Of course bigger organizations could hire a CDO (Chief Data Officer) to help reduce each of these issues. Or trust their money to a big name company with a fancy collection of tools. But what about smaller businesses that have the exact same issues, the exact same needs but on a tighter budget ? How can these companies still be competitive in the age of big data ?

Many solutions exist on the market from ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and MDM (Master Data Management) to Business Intelligence tools. So how to choose ?

The first things to ask yourself are :

  • Do I currently take advantage of my organization’s data collection to improve ROI ?
  • Can I afford to hire a CDO or subscribe to a costly data management solution ?
  • Can my employees quickly master the new system and generate results ?

Now let us ask you one question : have you ever thought of data virtualization as a simple, effective, cost-effective way to handle your data ?

A data virtualization tool is typically an application that allows to manipulate data regardless of its physical location or technical impediments. You don’t have to move the data. The software does exactly what it says : it virtualizes the data and lets you connect to it through an easy access. Which means that there is no risk that an employee inadvertently erases data and it also allows every stakeholder in your organization to interact with the data according to their own business needs.